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Contemporary atlasses of The Netherlands

Take the opportunity for yourselves to consult the maps of Joseph de Ferraris and Louis Capitaine, used during the campaign by the Quartermaster-General Constant-Rebecque as well as Napoleon Bonaparte. This will surely enhance your knowledge and pleasure, when consulting the maps in the series 'The Netherlands army during the Waterloo campaign'.


Between 1771 and 1778 the Austrian Feldmarshall Ferraris produced an atlas of the Austrian Netherlands known as the Carte de Cabinet, which comprises 275 individual and highly detailed maps. Even today these wonderful maps are still consulted by geologists and others for scientific purposes and construction planning. Back in 1794 Louis Capitaine du Chesnoy produced another map of Belgium which he based on Ferrarris' work, when this territory was incorporated into the French Republic. This map is known as the Carte Chorographique de Belgique dédiée à la Convention Nationale.

A lillte after 1815 a new topographic and military atlas was produced this time for the United Kingdom of the Netherlands by two Germans Weiland and Berghaus at the topographic institute in Weimar.

Both the atlasses of Ferraris and the one of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands can be viwed in detail online.

Carte de Cabinet of Ferraris

Topographic and military atlas